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How will virtual reality change our lives ?

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Virtual reality creates an image that is three-dimensional through using computer technology, which creates the same experience as a real-life.

Virtual reality was first introduced in 1985 when researchers from Silicon Valley. They set out to explore the virtual realm. However, it came to the attention of the public in 1999 through the science fiction film “THE MATRIX“. The concept of virtual reality caught the attention of the general public who were enthralled by the idea and enjoyed it. As time passes the concept of virtual reality which was previously only used in novels has taken on form in real life.

A quick Overview of Virtual Reality :

Virtual reality creates a 3D image using computer technology, which creates the appearance of a real-life experience. It is comprised of a variety of electronic equipment that is specially designed to create multiple projections that fool our brains into believing that the pictures are real. The equipment is worn with gloves that are fitted with sensors or helmets or other equipment which creates real-looking images.

The device helps track the user’s movements to allow the user to feel the component of the computer-generated space. The system has two LCD monitors are employed to create an appearance of depth. Virtual reality allows you to travel to various locations, but without moving.

Today over $1.2 billion is staying funded by enterprise investors in the development of new technologies based upon practical truth. Google is investing $542M in the development of Magic Leap and other companies such as Sony as well as Samsung are developing virtual reality devices.

What can Virtual Reality change us?

1. Virtual Reality in Gaming

The strength of virtual reality is how it fools the brain and renders it in a position to differentiate between stimulating and real environments. While the user is simply playing a video game, the brain adapts to the new environment as if they were real. The response of flight or fight produced is real. (During difficult situations the brain can either respond with an active response in which the person stays in place to confront the situation or flight response, where the person attempts to get out of the circumstances.)

For example, when playing with the Oculus Rift Headset while playing a game, a person is likely to avoid objects that are thrown at him during the game. The introduction of virtual reality for gaming has transformed the way kids engage in games. Gaming has increased in intensity, immersion, and sometimes even spectacular.

2. Virtual Reality in Education

The use of technology that uses virtual reality, will alter the method of education. Utilizing interactive techniques such as visual and audio devices has already made learning enjoyable. Virtual reality is a way for the child will be able to explore new realms. The child could be able to teach himself to experiment on the simulator. He could experience a virtual reality field trip to the Moon as well as other objects in space. Medical science also benefits from virtual reality. Students can practice their skills in a realistic setting and test their theory before putting it into practice in real life.

For example, a doctor gathered the heart scans of a baby and uploaded them to his laptop, and then created a virtual tour of the heart. By doing this, he was able to quickly perform surgery and save the baby’s life by identifying the root of the issue.

3. Virtual Reality in Communication

As the internet has been the pioneer in bringing about changes to the method of communicating information to a new level, virtual reality will alter how experiences are conveyed. It’s also changing the methods companies communicate with their customers and targets the customers. Companies create computer-generated reality and allow their customers to be confident in them. For instance, businesses that deal with adventure rides frequently make a virtual experience for one of their most famous rides that customers can experience the thrill of.

A different example is that several hotels have made use of virtual tours of their properties to draw customers in with them. The 360 virtual tours let customers feel the luxurious experience of the hotel, without having to pay fees. The experience makes them want to sign up for the hotel’s services and reserve their rooms.

4. Virtual Reality in the movies

Although 3D films have already improved the cinematic experience the combination of them with virtual increases the quality. Many moviegoers wish to be an individual or enter into the time of the film. With virtual reality, viewers could play the role. They could experience the film in motion as well as feel it, get inside it, and observe the film from various perspectives.

5. Virtual Reality in The worldview

Everyone wants to escape reality once at a time. People want to visit different places to enjoy a refreshing break, but their social obligations bind them to. With virtual reality, people will be able to explore places with no need to leave their homes. They will be able to relax at their chosen sport and not move one inch from their couch. This can further enhance the living quality by exploring the world from a first-hand perspective.

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